Solar Hot Water Systems

Two broad categories of storage system exist for solar hot water  – roof mounted or ground based.  Within these, there are a number of different options to best suit your household needs.

Roof mounted storage

The most common solar hot water system is a roof mounted storage system. The system is based on the thermosiphon process which works on the basic principles that dark colours absorb heat and hot water rises.

Large panels are coated with a heat absorbing product that attracts the Sun and heats the water inside.  Once hot, the water rises up into the storage cylinder where it is available to the home.

Ground based storage

The streamline split system works along a similar line to the roof mounted storage system. The same dark coated panels are mounted on the roof to receive maximum exposure to the sun and the water contained is heated from the sun. However instead of roof mounted storage, the hot water is pumped down to a ground based storage tank and the cold water pumped up the the roof panels.

Slightly more power is used pumping water around the system but the large storage tank is on the ground and not visble on the roof.