Save Energy

showerHeating the hot water in your house accounts for around a quarter of your total energy use.  Global Protection Systems aims to help you reduce your energy bills and your effect on the environment.

The old fashion electric hot water units are extremely impractical so we offer our clients a range of different options, from roof mounted solar systems to the new heat pump systems.

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Save Water


Household water use and conservation has been a widely discussed issue in recent years due to drought conditions and water restrictions in many parts of Australia, many people are becoming more aware and have made the change to help save water.


Over the past 14 years, average annual per person water use in Perth has dropped by a staggering 34 per cent, to 126,000 litres in 2014-15. This is an outstanding achievement and illustrates the continued commitment by the community to adapt their everyday behaviour to save the precious resource.

Saving water is simple

It can be as simple as changing washers in your house, buying shower timers, or planting water wise plants. A more substantial solution that you will really notice when the water bill arrives, is to install devices such as a rainwater harvesting system and grey water system.

Solar Hot Water and Heat Pump rebates and Small-Scale Technology Certificates (STCs)

Small-scale technology certificates (STCs) are created by eligible installations of hot water systems; these certificates have a monetary value which provides the owners a financial incentive.

Once created the STCs are assigned to a registered agent (us) in exchange for an upfront discount of your system.

The financial benefit you receive can vary from day to day, this is because STCs are traded on the STC market (like the stock market), and therefore prices vary depending on supply and demand.
Global Protection Systems will handle all the paperwork necessary to create and trade the STCs as part of our service.

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