Rain Water Solutions

Residential rain water solutions supplied by Global Protection Systems will help you to conserve rain water for domestic purposes. We will take care of everything from site preparation through to installation.

There are a couple of different options for rain water harvesting:

Rain tanks

You can just have a tank installed to collect the water off your roof, with a tap adaption. From there you can bucket the water to your plants, pets, or whatever you need it for.


We have a range of tanks:

  • Underground Tanks – a system that offers all the advantages of a traditional water tank without taking up space in your backyard or affecting the aesthetics of your home.
  • Traditional rain water tanks now come in many sizes and styles, from the common round tank to the under eve tanks designed for smaller areas.


Rain water harvesting systems

To make the most of the water you are collecting you can install a system to divert the water from your tank back into your home. It can go straight into your toilets and washing machines or if you install the correct filtering systems you can use it for drinking water.

Combine a rain water tank with a water switch to automatically use rain water when you have it and mains water when you don’t!

Just imagine the difference you can make to your water bill and our precious water supplies if you install a tank to collect the rain water, a rain harvesting system to divert the water to your toilets and washing machines and then a grey water system to distribute your bathroom and laundry water to your gardens….