OFF-GRID LIVING is more than just Renewable Energy, it creates “Self Sufficiency”

InfogramLight is collected by panels of solar cells mounted on your building.

The DC power is then fed into the controller charge.

The charge controller controls the charge and feeds the DC power to the batteries and to the inverter.

The inverter converts the DC electricity into AC which can be used by your home.  At night when there is not enough sunlight to meet the homes demands, power is fed from the batteries through the inverter to the home

Off Grid Hybrid Power Stations is an approach to living in a totally self-sufficient manner without reliance on one or more public utilities. Built and designed to provide the same – if not better – reliably and quality to that of Grid Electricity.

Off Grid Hybrid Power Stations is not just friendly to the environment, it also helps you SAVE money. The system can utilise any combinations of Solar Panels, Wind Turbines or Fuel Generators while providing clean and dependable electricity during times of occupancy and maintains your essential loads while your away, enabling you to be self-sufficient in energy – food – water etc.

Global Protection Systems can provide you with an Off Grid Hybrid Power Station that has the highest quality components giving you the best performance, day and night. Our Off Grid Hybrid Power Stations ensure you have quality and reliable electricity supply as if you were connected to the national grid.

An obligation free assessment by one of our Clean Energy Council accredited designers will help you choose the best package for your energy needs. All our systems are designed based on the needs of your family and your home.

Our products are hassle free and we only provide top quality components that are research extensively. Our battery control rooms are designed and built in house to ensure they suit the environment they will be installed in so the maximum lifespan of the components are obtained.

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Wongowol Station, WA

– Supply and installation of a 15.5kW Off Grid Solar Hybrid Energy Systems complete with battery room built in house by Global Protection Systems.

Dunsborough, WA

– Solar Pumping System installed in Dunsborough to supply a local Retreat with fresh water using Lorentz Pump & SolarWorld modules