Grid Connected Systems

A free energy assessment of your home by one of our Clean Energy Council accredited designers will help you choose the best package for your energy needs. All our systems are designed based on the needs of your family and your home.

Our products are hassle free and we only provide top quality components.

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How a solar system works

how-it-worksLight is collected by panels of solar cells mounted on your roof. These solar panels convert the light into DC electricity and is fed into an inverter.

The inverter converts the DC electricity into a form which can be used in your home.

The electricity is then fed into the household supply and used as needed.

If the solar panels can’t supply enough power then electricity is supplied by the utility. Any extra electricity from your solar panels which is not used, is sold to the utility provider.

Rebate- Small-Scale Technology Certificates (STCs)

Small-scale technology certificates (STCs) are created by eligible installations of small generation units such as Grid Connect systems; these certificates have a monetary value which provides the owners a financial incentive.

Once created the STCs are assigned to a registered agent (us) in exchange for an upfront discount of your system.

The financial benefit you receive can vary from day to day, this is because STCs are traded on the STC market (like the stock market), and therefore prices vary depending on supply and demand.

Global Protection Systems will handle all the paperwork necessary to create and trade the STCs as part of our service.

Solar Panel Maintenance

toolboxGlobal Protection Systems understands the importance of periodic maintenance to our energy and water systems. Although a solar grid connect system is a passive system, it is affected by environmental conditions. Dust and organic matter collects on the modules and can reduce the system’s total output.

On average, a system can degrade by 10% in the first 12 months of operation, but with the proper maintenance schedule carried out this can be avoided.

We have a range of maintenance programs which consists of periodic module cleaning; trimming trees to reduce shading and overall system diagnostics to ensure components are functioning to their specs.

Energy Tariffs

tarriff_netThe tariff allows the householder to be credited for the surplus energy created by their energy system. i.e. Energy you don’t use.

In Western Australia, new systems connected under the State Government’s Renewable Energy Buyback Scheme receive approximately 8.4c per kilowatt hour that is sold back to Synergy.

Horizon Power has introduced area-specific solar feed-in tariffs. While owners of systems in some towns will receive a much higher rate, others will receive less, for further information please visit the Horizon Power website.


– Supply and installation of a 30kW Grid Connect Solar System complete with Generation Management system.