As of 8am on the 1st August 2011, the West Australian Government announced the residential net feed-in tariff scheme would be suspended until further notice.


  • If you have a solar system installed and are currently receiving either the 27c or 47c net feed-in tariff then this new change will not affect you.
  • If you dont have a system installed yet but have been approved by Synergy for the net feed-in tariff then this change will not affect you as long as you have the solar system installed by 30th September 2011.
  • All customers applying as of the 8am 1st August 2011, will not be eligible for the Net feed-in Tariff. You will still recieve the 7c from Synergy but the Government will not pay any. They do intend to accept applications from customers who can demonstrate they have made a contractual commitment to purchase a solar system prior to 8am 1st August 2011. Furter informatipon on how customers can apply and the conditions that need to be met have as yet not been release. When this is available we will post more.