The changes by the Government to the way our RECs will be handle will take place on the first of Januay 2011. The word “REC” will no longer be in use, it will be divided into two registries LGC (large scale generation certificates) and STC (small scale technology certificates).
There will now be two options for obtaining your rebate:
Option 1: Government Clearing House
The clearing house only relates to the STC’s and will be the only way to be paid at the full $40 rate. The clearing house works on a queuing system and are sold to parties as a first in first out basis. It is still unsure of how often liable parties will buy from the clearing house but after March 2011 once the Government has set their STC targets we should start to see some movement. There will be fees in place to register your STCs in the clearing house as you have to register as an agent.
Option 2: Spot Trading of STCs
The liable parties are still able to purchase the STCs outside of the clearing house on the market, which will continue as it does now. The price will continue to fluctuate.

Changes to RECs Multiplier

After the 1st July 2011, the RECs multiplier will be reduced from 5 to 4.

This will reduced the total amount of RECs created by a system down by approximately 31.

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Carbon tax no certainty

Minister for Regional Australia Simon Crean says the decision to put a carbon tax back on the table does not mean Australia will go down that path in its response to climate change.

In the days before the August 21 election, Prime Minister Julia Gillard twice ruled out a carbon tax.

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WA tightens water restrictions

Residents of Perth and parts of Western Australia’s southwest are able to use sprinklers only one day a week under a new state government restriction.

The tightening of sprinkler use follows Perth’s second driest winter on record and a record 18-day dry spell in September.

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